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Passionate about developing people?

Let's design amazing content together

Join us to change how legal professionals develop themselves.

Our modules are designed with the legal professional at the heart of them so they are efficient, effective and enjoyable to complete.

Sounds like your type of thing? E-mail us to arrange a call.

How does it work?

  • We need people who have the legal knowledge, skills and experience to provide us with quality learning content.

    Check out our FAQ's for more information.

1. Speak to us

Reach out to us to tell us you'd like to work with us. There will be an informal process where will we have an open conversation with you about your experience.

3. Draft the content

Use our purpose built template to structure the layout of the course. This allows you to focus on what you know best- the law.

5. Review and distribute

Check over the module to make sure you're happy with it. Once agreed, it will be added to our course library.

2. Think of a legal topic

Think of a topic in your preferred practice area.

4. Conversion

Send the template to our e-learning designer who will convert the course into an engaging, professional course.

6. Get paid

Once it's live, you'll be paid the pre-agreed amount. It's that simple!
Our contributors

What do our contributors say?

Nicola Laver
Founder of Clarity World
Jon has a great vision for the platform, it’s a simple but very effective model. I have been really pleased to become part of e-Law Learning.
Claire Miller
Founder of Langton Genealogy
"When Jon approached me to explain the e-Law Learning model and how plans were taking shape, I knew immediately this was something I’d have benefitted from when I was in practice. Jon’s vision and professional integrity is evident; it’s a privilege to join the journey
Sonay Erten
Founder of Divergently Being
The accessibility and wellbeing of the legal profession is something I have been passionate about from the very beginning of my career.
Meeting Jon, I understood that he felt the same way. I loved the bitesize nature of the e-Law Learning courses, along with the use of technology. For someone with autism and ADHD, I found the courses accessible and felt that they were the future for professional development.
When Jon asked me if I wished to join as a contributor on courses in neurodiversity and dispute resolution, it was a no-brainer. Working with e-Law Learning allows me to actively contribute to making the legal profession more accessible. In particular, the courses on neurodiversity will be the first of their kind, bringing awareness of neurodiversity in the legal profession directly to law firms and legal professionals