Frequently asked questions

I don't have the time to complete learning modules

We design our modules to be to the point, short and bitesize. Each one lasts no more than 15-20 mins and you can jump in and out the module at anytime without losing your progress.

Do the courses  have enough depth if they are so short?

Our modules contain all the information of traditional training modules; we simply split it up into manageable chunks because studies show that people develop more fully when training is done in short, regular bursts.

Why don't you do webinars or virtual/classroom training sessions?

Whilst we know the value traditional training methods still bring, we believe that those who focus on these types of methods only, instead of utilising multiple methods of learning will fall behind, simply because, at some point, the strains of the job will catch up with you and those laborious training methods will fall by the wayside. e-Law Learning is the safety net against this.

I am a sole individual looking to purchase content, can I?

Yes, of course. We welcome everybody who wants to benefit from our training courses. Sole individuals will also benefit from using the LMS function for free to.

I am wanting to purchase a bundle and/or LMS subscription, how do I pay?

We provide you with an invoice once both parties have agreed the service.